Headphone Amplifiers

Black Cube Linear Headphone Amplifier
Pro-Ject Headbox headphone Amplifier
• Input impedance: 47 KOhms
• Maximum gain: 0dB, 10dB, 20dB switchable
• Frequency response: 10Hz (-0.3dB) to 35 kHz (-1dB)
• Signal to noise ratio: 95dB at 0dB gain
• THD: 0.001% at 6mW/300 Ohms
• Channel separation: 70dB/10kHz
• Output power: 200mW/300 Ohms-400mW/60 Ohms
• Output impedance: line out 60 Ohms phones out 5 Ohms
• Power dissipation: 5W, internal, regulated power supply
• Dimensions: 280 x 110 x 44mm³ (case only)
• Connectors (audio): Neutrik phone jacks
• 6.35mm with gold plated contacts
• 1x parallel to line out
• 1x line out muting
• gold plated RCA connectors with Teflon isolation
• Weight: app. 1.5 kg
• Front colors: silver or black anodized aluminium



Power output
330mW/30ohms, 60mW/300ohms
Headphone connection
> 30ohms
Signal to noise
78dB (100dB - A weighted) at full output
Frequency response
30Hz – 20kHz/-0,05dB
,005%/30ohms, 0,007/300ohms
Headphone jack
3-pole ¼" (6,3mm Ø) phono socket
Outboard power supply
16V/500mA AC, suitable for your country's mains supply
Power consumption
16V/120mA AC
Dimensions W x H x D (D with sockets)
103 x 36 x 103 (109)mm
600g without power supply


- Discrete Zero Global Feedback output stage with high quiescent current ready to drive most headphones or long cable runs.
- Audiophile voltage amplifier stage
- Single source preamplifier reconfigurable to "headphone only" mode with two line source inputs by replacing just two jumpers
- Relays source selection / mute operation
- Only MKP caps in the signal path for perfect transient response and ambience reproduction
- Gain jumper selectable 6dB/20dB
- Hand selected potentiometer with very good channel tracking
- Double sided audio board
- External AC power supply
- Ultra fast rectifying diodes
- We only use low ESR electrolytic caps
- Low-noise, regulated power supply
- Gold plated RCA connectors
- Original Neutrik headphone jack with gold plated contacts
- Anodized aluminium faceplate and knob available in silver or black